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Equipement sécurité-Accessoires sécurité-Vidéosurveillance-secumax

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Secumax is a well known brand thanks to the high quality of its security equipments. In fact, there is a wide range of DVR wireless kits of videosurveillance; each model has different specificities to offer you a great choice while choosing your equipment.
Our alarm systems are very reliable thanks to the wireless detectors that trigger the alarm if there is intrusion. The videophones are practical and easy to install, they offer you a great safety feeling thanks to their camera that is adjustable in the four directions.
Secumax is specialized in security equipments. In fact we have a wide range of videosurveillance kits that fit your different needs in terms of security. Each kit has a different quantity of inside and outside cameras to be more suitable for every user.
We have a variety of videophones that enable you to check the identity of your guest without taking the risk of opening your door. The cameras of the videophones are adjustable in the four directions to offer you a better visibility field.
We put at your disposal different wireless alarm systems that triggered in case of intrusion besides to sending you an alert message on your mobile.

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Equipement sécurité-Accessoires sécurité-Vidéosurveillance-secumax

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